My style evolves alongside my roles as mother and wife. I confront societal conventions about the female body, womanhood, and sexuality after starting a family. These works celebrate paint and images of family, friends, and the female figure drive composition. Fantasy and obligation charge and bind domestic environments giving memories new form. The space is similar to that of a hallucination, where one is unsure of what is real and what is not. Objects bleed into and become one another. Paint veils, drips, splashes, airbrush passages and wet into wet oil marks add to the tension and supernatural aura of the scene. Figure, object and landscape, spin out and smear together as the paintings shudder with a pulsing, nervous energy. I use anxious, frenetic mark making to mirror a rushing world distorted by apprehension. These paintings underscore the inherent emotional conflict of parenting young children, and the fragility of comfort and happiness in America today.